The fastest & simplest way to get a fake back-end.

Mockend is a GitHub app that you can install on any repo.

Describe your data in a couple lines, get a complete fake REST or GraphQL API to use now in your projects.

Query, filter, sort, paginate, ... this is all available out of the box.

Install on GitHub

How Does It Work?

Describe Your Data

In your GitHub repo, create a .mockend.json file and describe your data using basic types.

  "Post": {
    "title": "String",
    "views": "Int",
    "published": "Boolean"

Use Mockend API In Your Code

A mock GraphQL endpoint will be created at

You'll be able to query, filter, sort and paginate data.

const url = ''

const query = gql`{
  query postsWithTitleAndViews {
    posts {

Get A Lot Of Data

Random data will be generated for you automatically.

Use cases

🤳 Mobile/Web

When developing a Mobile or Web App, you may need to run things on actual devices. Setting up a Mock server and making it available online can be tedious. It can also clutter your code.

With Mockend, you can access your Mock API from anywhere.

🚀 Startups/Prototypes

When working on your next big idea, you may want to showcase or play with it first.

With Mockend, you can start with the UI and only after develop the real Back-End.

🤓 Teams/GitHub

Each developer may develop a different feature with different needs in terms of API.

With Mockend, they can get per-feature Mock API.
You can even discuss and work on them collaboratively directly from GitHub.

In general...

We believe that there are many other cases where having a custom API online can help.

That's why we've created Mockend.


💻 Hosted

No need to setup a server, your mock API is available online. Access it from anywhere.

🌱 Git branches

Use git branches to have mock APIs per feature branch. No more stepping on each toe.

🔌 GitHub integration

Edit and discuss API fields using your existing workflow. Commit, diff, approve, ...

📕 Low learning curve

Mockend is easy to use. No complicated docs. You can have a mock API in no time.

💡 Any project

Zero install, use it for any project: iOS, Android, JavaScript, Python, ...

✨ More...

See docs to explore all the features available


For a limited time Mockend is free to use. Early users will get a 1 year free access.

Install on GitHub