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Develop your UI
without a real backend

Have you ever wasted time waiting for backend to be ready?
Mockend is the N°1 GitHub App dedicated to API mocking.
Get instantly productive!

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Simple as a commit

Describe your Data

Create a config file on your GitHub repository and update it as your UI requirements evolve.

Use Git branches to have dedicated per-feature fake API. /org/repo/ .mockend.json
  "User": {
    "name": { "string": {} },
    "online": { "boolean": {} },
    "picture": { "regexp": "https://…" }
Custom and powerful

Get random Data

Provide your own values or use our simple and flexible generators to have meaningful fake data.

The possibilities are limitless. /org/repo/ users
Instantly productive

Focus on UI

Get a fake REST or GraphQL API in seconds.

Everything you need: list, filter, sort, search, paginate, create, update, …

Use it with your favorite tools and frameworks. Nothing to install locally.


// GraphQL endpoint
  users(limit: 5) {
Integrated to GitHub

Perfect for Teams

Git branches for multiple fake API, pull requests to discuss and update your API.

Secure, Mockend can only access the config file and not the rest of your code.

# 1. Git push to deploy a new fake API
$ git add .mockend.json
$ git commit -m "add new Product model"
$ git push

// 2. New resource instantly available
  { "ref": "MCCO4", "price": 890 … },
  { "ref": "6KPQH", "price": 540 … },
  { "ref": "MVF6A", "price": 300 … },
  { … },

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