Rapidly develop User Interfaces with fake APIs.

Back-end not ready or just want to prototype something?
Describe your data, automatically get a fake REST & GraphQL API with random values.

Install on GitHub

How Does It Work?

1. Describe Your Data

Install Mockend app in your GitHub repo, then in .mockend.json describe your data.
  "Post": {
    "title": {
      "string": {}
    "views": {
      "int": {
        "min": 0,
        "max": 99
    "published": {
      "boolean": {}

2. Use Mockend API In Your Code

A fake server and database will be created. You'll be able to query, filter, sort and paginate data using real network calls.

Make REST calls

$ curl
$ curl

Or, use GraphQL

const url = ''

const query = gql`
  posts(orderBy: [{views: desc}], limit: 5) {

Get data for your project



No need to setup a server, your fake API is available online. Access it from anywhere.

Git branches

Use git branches to have fake APIs per feature branches. No more stepping on each others toes.

GitHub integration

Edit and discuss API fields directly on GitHub using your favorite editor.

Low learning curve

Mockend is easy to use. No complicated docs. You can have a fake API in no time.

Any project

Zero install, use it for any project: iOS, Android, JavaScript, Python, etc.


See docs to explore all the features available