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Mockend is the NĀ°1 App on GitHub Marketplace dedicated to API mocking.
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Describe your Data

Create a config file on your repository.

Commit and push.

Use branches to have per-feature fake API. /org/repo/ .mockend.json
  "User": {
    "_": {
      // Define how many items you need 
      "items": 50,
      // Optionally set custom values
      "data": [
	{ "name": "John Doe", "online": true, "picture": "https://ā€¦" }
    // Use random generators to fill your data
    "name": { "string": {} },
    "online": { "boolean": {} },
    "picture": { "regexp": "https://ā€¦" },
    "posts": { "hasMany": "Post" }
Meaningful data

Get your API

Everything you need: REST, GraphQL, CRUD, paginate, filter, sort, ā€¦

Use it with your favorite tools and frameworks.

Nothing to install locally, nothing to deploy. /org/repo/ users

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